Cousins Easter Photos


April 20, 2017

We love our cousins on both sides of the family!  A few weeks ago, we got to see some of the cousins on my husband’s side of the family.  They were in town for two jam packed days of play and fun.  It might have taken me 3 or 4 days to recover.  🙂

We are very lucky that we have two cousins that live very close.  We get to see them more frequently.  This time, we got together for a little fun Easter Photo Session.

AMAZING cookies that not only LOOK fantastic, but TASTE wonderful too from Bee In Our Bonnet.  Find them on Instagram here.

Here’s my mom with all of her grandkids.  It’s a beautiful thing!  She loves these little things to pieces.  And, I’m happy to say, that no one cried in the making of this photo.  🙂  At our last all cousin photo shoot, we had some tears, but this time around we did much better.  I’m sure the cookie bribing helped.  haha!!

I love the cat ears!  And what beautiful eyes!  

Here’s my oldest in her Easter Bunny Ears from JuJu Bee’s and Company.  I bought these for LAST Easter, but my kids did not cooperate.  It worked out, mostly, this year.  My youngest wouldn’t cooperate.  Oh well! 🙂

My little Easter Bunny Dude.

Can you tell the image above is a composite?  That means I took two pictures and melded them into one.  My youngest would not cooperate, so I had to take her picture separately.  I love Photoshop. 

Here are the “Big 3,” the 3 bigger cousins.  The two little ones are only two weeks apart.  They are two peas in a pod and LOVE seeing each other.  The big ones are excited because they got to sit at the cool little table for Easter dinner at Nana’s house.  🙂

Here’s my little stinker!  She would not cooperate.  She wouldn’t wear the bunny ears, she wouldn’t wear the flower hat, and she pulled down the really cute romper, but after she pulled down the romper, which she knew she wasn’t supposed to do, she gave me this fabulous smile, so I guess she wins.  I do love my little stinker!

And I think this cousin is getting used to her Auntie taking her picture.  She came in and went straight to the set up and started posing.  Adorable!

I hope you had a great Easter!  Let me know if you need a photographer in the Rocklin, California area.  I’m here.  🙂


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