Bonus Photo Shoot- Senior and Maternity Photography


May 6, 2017

Hello there!  As you may know, I recently taught a Photo Basics Class.  I had two lovely students come and learn how to use their cameras to create some awesome pictures.  I was so impressed by their progress.  They did a fantastic job.  One of them said, “I’ve been reading about this stuff and trying to figure it out on my own, but being here, it all just clicked.  I FINALLY get it!  I am so excited to get started.”  Another comment from the class was, “I can’t believe I took this picture.  This is fantastic!”

They got to choose a bonus photo shoot theme.  One wanted maternity and the other senior.  So, we decided to do both.  🙂

When I approached Katherine to ask her if she would like to be our maternity model, her initial response was, “Oh, you don’t want me.”  I was kind of thrown off.  She’s gorgeous, thin, and pregnant and I’m a really good photographer, so I didn’t see the problem.  “I’m not photogenic,” she told me.  “I’d be a horrible model.”  I laughed.  If that’s what’s holding you back, we can work with that.  Now take a look at these pictures and I think you will agree, she was totally wrong!  This girl can rock a camera!  But, if you say, “1, 2, 3!” Katherine will make a funny/silly/weird face when you say 3.  As a professional photographer, it’s my job to work around that, to know how to get the smile without counting.

This got me to thinking though, how often do I put myself in the same boat?  How often do I miss out on an awesome opportunity because I put my own roadblock in the way?  I’m too fat.  My hair is at a weird spot right now.  I’m not pretty.  It’s too expensive.  I’m too busy.  Right now is just not a good time.  I have a zit on my forehead.  I’m too… or I’m not…

I just want you to know that if you have had any of these thoughts, you are not alone.  Most of my clients come in with one or more of these thoughts in their heads.  Some own it up front and let me know right away what their concerns are.  For others, it comes out during the session.  Some, I never know.  But, whatever worries they have, when they see the finished images, they are so happy they pushed through them.  So, my question for you is: What’s holding you back?  Chances are, I can work with that.  🙂

I was so glad I got to know Katherine a little bit better through this photo shoot.  We had SO much fun!  And, she even looks awesome checking her phone between set ups.  🙂  Love it!!

Our flower halos were made by Keri.  She did such a great job!  If you’d like her info, just sent me an email.  She’s fantastic.

Doing model shoots are fun for me because I get to play around with the images.  It’s fun to play with Photoshop.  🙂

And now on to our lovely senior model.  Her mom was in my class.  Her number one wish is to take her daughter’s senior portraits, so she was over the moon with excitement about this photo shoot.  However, her husband ended up in the hospital needing his appendix removed right at the same time as our photo shoot.  Oh no!!  I ended up taking her daughter to the photos, and we totally bonded over Gilmore Girls in the car, but I felt so bad that her mom didn’t get to be there.

I don’t consider myself a senior photographer, but I pushed through that thought.  (How’s that for practicing what I preach. haha!)  I’m so happy with these results.  It helps when you have a beautiful young woman to photograph.  And when I say beautiful, I mean inside and out.  She is a sweet girl who loves to play the piano.

They say the eyes are the windows to our souls.  Beauty!

I just love lilies!

When things start getting stiff, we laugh and do funny things.  I’m telling you, we had a GREAT time!

And, again, I love that I get to play around with some of these images.  It’s fun to go a little serious and matte every once in a while.

I hope you enjoyed looking through these images.  If you’d like information on how to get in my next Photo Basics class, please email me at



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