Oh my gosh, yes!

I'm going to tell you a little secret,
right after you have a baby, you may not be feeling your best. 

In fact, you will feel sleep deprived from night time feedings and not quite yourself.  You'll be adjusting to a brand new life with a brand new little person.  You've probably even checked a few times to make sure they're still breathing.  Oh, and you most likely won't suddenly fit into those skinny jeans.

But that's ALL OK!  I've got you covered!

I've got a hair and makeup artist to pamper you while I photograph baby.  I've got props and gowns, so you don't need to bring anything.  I change diapers. I've even got a snack bar waiting for you.


Are you ready to get pampered?

the experience!

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quick facts about me

Come and meet me!  I'll give you a tour of the studio, show you some of our gowns and props, and let you feel the amazing quality of the products I provide. 

I'll get to know you and your style.  We'll plan out your session(s) and even try on some gowns. 

We go over pricing in detail and send you home with a magazine with all of the information you need.

initial meeting

Your maternity session will be amazing! 

Have your Maternity Session

CONGRATULATIONS!  You did it!  You are a Mama!

Babies do not always come on their due dates, so I set aside time on my calendar so that I'll be ready for you whenever the baby comes. 

After the baby arrives, have your partner send me a text and we'll set your session date. 

Have your baby

design your dream session

Step One

The Consultation:
I'll get to know you & your style so that your session is tailored specifically to you. Together we'll plan your session(s) so that, when baby arrives,
everything will be ready for you!

I know it is a lot to ask a new mom to leave their home with their baby in the first few weeks after birth.  When you add in older siblings, it can be crazy town! 

But I get it!  I've worked to think of everything to make this experience smooth and relaxing, not to mention getting amazing results in your artwork!

Come have some fun with me.  Let me take care of you!  Heaven knows you've done and will be doing LOTS of taking care of others.

Let this be YOUR TURN!  Let ME take care of YOU!

I've been through this experience 4 times, so I know exactly what you need!

Let's have some fun

book a consult

Enjoy the session

Step Two

I have some WONDERFUL Professional Hair and Makeup Artists that I work with!  I have used them myself, so I can confidently recommend their work. 

You get pampered in my studio while I photograph your baby in the next room.  Then, after you are relaxed and fabulous, we get you in a couture gown and take pictures of you with your little one. 

I want you to feel beautiful!

Hair & Makeup


Not sure what to wear?
No worries!  I've got you covered!

I have GORGEOUS couture gowns ready and waiting for you in various sizes and colors!

We can try some on during your consultation.


Couture Gowns

I have a prop addiction!
I love getting new outfits, wraps, headbands, and props!
During your consultation, we'll discuss which colors, props, and other special touches we can use to personalize this session to you and your family.

outfits, wraps, headbands


During your session, I will take care of everything.
I am very gentle with these sweet little ones.

It's totally normal for babies to pee or poop on things, even me.  It's totally fine!

We'll take breaks for feedings whenever needed.
A typical newborn session takes 2-4 hours.



Come have some fun with me.
 Let me take care of you! Heaven knows you've done and will be doing LOTS of taking care of others.

About 2 weeks after your session,
you'll come back to the studio for a preview party.

We'll watch a video of your images, pick your package and images, and design your artwork.

See your art

I can show you what different images and sizes will look like on YOUR wall, so don't forget to send me a picture of baby's nursery and the living room.

You can also choose from many other amazing products: heirloom albums, keepsake memory boxes, canvas, wood, and metal prints. 

Wall art and product

When your artwork is ready, take it home and enjoy it for a lifetime!  You will be able to share your products with your grandchildren.  

Hang your canvas on your wall and rake in the compliments. Your gorgeous artwork will have your friends gawking in amazement and telling you how pretty you are!

REceive gorgeous artwork

preview party

Step three

Use your wall art as an anchor to ground yourself to remember that this child will ALWAYS be your baby, no matter how big they get.  

book a consult

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!