Ely’s Newborn Girl Photography


February 21, 2017

Are you ready to hear a crazy story?  Ok, so the strong little guy that I posted about a few posts ago was not having it during his first photo shoot.  We decided to do a re-shoot just for a little bit on Saturday morning, right before my regular photoshoot with Ely.  So, they came, we ended up getting the little guy to sleep, got some AWESOME photos, they left, and I got all set up for Ely to come, complete with flowers in a basket.  My assistant, Carrie, and I were chatting while we waited for Ely, then, all of a sudden, we heard my baby girl, Halle, SCREAMING upstairs.  This was not the normal whiney scream, like when her sibling takes her book.  No, this was an intense pain scream!  I left Carrie to answer the door and headed upstairs to see what was going on.

My poor husband had this look of helplessness on his face, which is a big deal because he’s a doctor and pretty much nothing phases him.  And there was poor little Halle screaming in pain and holding her limp wrist.  She reached for me, but only with the unhurt arm.  Kyle said, “I think we need to take her to the ED.  I think her wrist is broken or her shoulder is dislocated.”  Apparently big sister was playing a game with Halle where you roll around on the floor, but Halle’s arm got stuck behind her and Lorelei heard a pop.  Oh No!  Talk about the worst timing ever!  Ely had just arrived with her family all dressed and ready to be photographed.  She is the sweetest person ever!  She looked at Halle and said, “You have to go.  You’ll be worried if you stay, and she needs her mama.  We’ll go get lunch or something and see how things go.  You go!”  I was in tears.  I have the BEST clients ever!!

Then Carrie said, “I’ll keep the other two here.  You just go.”  Oh my goodness!  BEST assistant ever!!  Kyle, Halle, and I jumped in the car and headed for the emergency room.  Here is a picture of us waiting in the waiting room.  (We were only there for about three minutes.)



It turned out that it was Nurse Maid’s Elbow.  The doctor popped it back in place and she was totally fine within 2 minutes.  It was amazing!  We are SOOOO thankful that was all it was.  We are also so thankful for Carrie watching our other kids and for Ely being so incredibly understanding.  Gosh!  We are so lucky to have such great people around us.

With all of the craziness, we weren’t able to get too many pictures that day, but, we did get the ones with big sister.  She is a performer and loves to move around, so it was really tough for her to sit still while I placed her sister in her lap, but she earned FOUR suckers and got to play with my kids for a little while, so it wasn’t so bad.  🙂

sister with newborn and flowers

We did do a re-shoot a week later.  This little girl did not want to sleep much, but we went with it.  She liked to be wrapped and she liked to keep her head to the left, so we went with it.  The baby calls the shots here.

newborn girl

Ely’s family member made this amazing blanket.  I think she likes it.

newborn girl with handmade blanket

She was awake for most of the session, which can be hard if they cross their eyes or won’t look, but she had no problem looking at the camera.

newborn in bonnet

Congratulations to Ely and your family.  We hope it is a smooth transition to two.  And you will never know how grateful we are that you were so understanding with our crazy ER trip.  THANK YOU!!!!


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