Santa Sessions- Happy Holidays

Santa Sessions

December 22, 2021

Santa Sessions Rocklin Photographer

The past few years, we have gone to West 12 Ranch in Lodi, CA to meet Santa, take some pictures, drink some milk, and eat some cookies. West 12 is absolutely MAGICAL! We LOVE it there! Since we moved to Rocklin, I have had some people tell me that they would have liked to do a Santa Session, but Lodi was just too far away or that day was booked for them.

Sacramento Christmas Photographer

Well, I was SO EXCITED this year to be able to continue to offer Santa Sessions at the Ranch, and also add Santa Sessions at the Studio in Rocklin. I got two “rooms” or a total of 4 amazing holiday backdrops. These have secretly (or not so secretly) been on my wish list for two years now! I finally went for it! Yay!

We had a heck of a time getting these bad boys up in the studio. We went through three kinds of tape, and finally had to resort to push pins. But, by golly, we did it!

Santa Sessions Rocklin Photographer

I was SO happy to have Singing Santa Dave back after a year off for Covid. His guitar skills are such fun! Kids LOVE him! We had one little girl (who happens to be my neice), that got really mad at me when I took the stool away to move to a different pose. She gave me a super dirty look while she walked to the stool, grabbed it, placed it right back at Santa’s feet, looked up at him and said, “More!” and clapped away! SO CUTE! (And guess what she’s getting for Christmas from her Aunt. Heeheehee!)

Notice the stool in ALL of the pictures.  🙂  Heeheehee!

We also can’t forget about the amazing cookies from Bee In Our Bonnet. Wow! Gorgeous!

It truly was a very fun and magical experience. Thank you to everyone who joined us this year! I hope you have a fantastic holiday!

If you missed out on the fun, be sure to jump on my email list to get first dibs for next year! Just sign up on the bottom right of this page. 🙂 Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!


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