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July 29, 2021

Have you ever had an obstacle in your way that you just couldn’t seem to get over? I literally have made multiple attempts over the last few years to learn studio lighting.  I took a class and I swear I bought all of the gear they suggested…and it was terrible!

Every so often, I would get out the lights and try again, only to have it turn out badly, with tons of shadows and contrast.

So, for my birthday, I decided that I would get help and overcome this obstacle.  I had the wonderful Caralee Case fly in from Idaho and teach me.

Within the first 5 minutes of instruction, Caralee helped me understand why those products were never going to give me the result I was looking for and helped me figure out exactly what I did need for my desired outcome.

Caralee helped me get over a huge hurdle that had been holding me back and frustrating me for years!  When I saw the images coming up on the back of my camera, consistent, even, amazing lighting, I had to hold back tears because I didn’t want the model’s mom to think I was nuts!  Caralee showed me first, then I did it on my own with her right there if I ran into trouble or questions.  It was the most amazing experience!  When Caralee left, I felt totally confident that I could replicate what I had done with her.

Thank you, Caralee!  And a huge thank you to my wonderful models and my amazing OB who sent them my way!

Caralee and I worked on the taco pose:

Potato sack:

Incorporating color:


Set Design:

Is there an obstacle holding you back? Find a friend, a coach, or a mentor, and let’s break through it! You’ve got this!
And if one of your obstacles is getting in front of a camera, click here to schedule a call with me. I would LOVE to help you bust through that hurdle and end up with artful images you love up on your wall.

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