Jen’s Newborn Boy


September 3, 2017

I had the privilege of photographing Jen’s 1st baby a few years back.  I was VERY excited to get the call that they were having a second baby.  Yay!  And I am so honored that they chose me to capture this precious time with their newborn.  Jen mentioned that she would really like to have some Peter Pan themed photos, but that her husband wasn’t terribly into it, so it needed to be subtle.  When she came in last week to preview her pictures, I showed her the very subtle version and the not so subtle version.  But then I decided, why stop there?!  So, I took it one step further to the not subtle at all versions.  Here they are!  Oh, and by the way, they get all three versions of the pictures.  I figure that I already did the work, so why not let you choose. 

I have to tell you, big sister is AMAZING!  Not only was she INCREDIBLY well behaved during our session, but she is absolutely adorable.  It was hard for me to focus on her little brother because she was just hamming it up and being so cute and fun!  She also was SO good with her brother.  I plan on the siblings not being very cooperative, but she blew me away.  Such a sweet girl!

Jen has a seriously cute family!

Having a second baby is hard!  For one thing, you now have two kids to worry about, but the harder thing is when the second baby is nothing like the first.  You thought you knew what you were signing up for, but then they go and come out acting totally different from your first baby!  Jen’s first baby was a super eater and would get into really deep sleep pretty easily.  This little guy was having a hard time eating and didn’t really get into deep sleep for long, if ever, between feedings.  Jen told me that on the way home she said to her husband, “I have no idea what Jessica is going to be able to piece together from that session.  He was really hard on her.”  I’ll admit that it took me a little bit longer to edit, but it was totally worth it when Jen watched her video and had tears of joy rolling down her face.  She said, “These are perfect!  I can’t believe you got these images from that session!”

Dad has been working out a lot and has these awesome tattoos.  Ok Dad, I’m sleeping.  Let’s do some push ups!  🙂

I’m seriously in love with big sister!  She was so good with her brother!  She earned THREE suckers, folks!  Yes, I bribe my models with candy.  🙂

CONGRATULATIONS to Jen and her gorgeous family.  I am so happy for you guys!

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