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July 19, 2017

I know you have all been there, that moment when you realize that you’ve taken care of everyone else’s stuff, but haven’t taken care of your own.  Well, confession time here.  I JUST this week got around to editing my daughter’s fairy photo shoot…from over two years ago.  Gulp! This summer is catch up time for me, and I’m finally getting around to some projects I’ve had on the back burner.  It feels so good to be checking things off of my long to do list!

A big shout out to Angie for letting me borrow her daughter for the photo shoot AND for being so patient with me in taking forever to get them edited.  My daughter got to pick a friend to take Fairy Photos with for her birthday.  She chose Angie’s daughter, her best friend.  These two both LOVE dressing up and laughing.  They had so much fun at the photo session.

I also need to give a HUGE shout out to Deborah at Fab Faces  for the AMAZING job on the makeup.  Thank you so much!

Here’s me getting a little artsy with my fairy girls!  I had so much fun playing around with these images!


When I tell you they love laughing together, I’m not kidding!  Adorable!


Here’s my little purple fairy princess, Lorelei.  Funny story, she has incredibly sensitive skin.  I’m talking about how she will have a red mark on her face wherever she slurps her spaghetti sauce.  She’s really sensitive!  So, Deborah checked with us to make sure it was ok to use the darker purple and black because she said those were a little harder to get off and a little rougher on the face.  Lorelei didn’t care if she had a rash, she just wanted to look amazing, so we said yes.  Well, that night, I took off the makeup, with Lorelei screaming the whole time that she wanted to leave it on.  “Mommy, I want to look like a fairy forever!  Please don’t take it off!  Please!  I’m a fairy princess!”  Well, we couldn’t have it rubbing off all over her bed, plus she’s got sensitive skin, so it had to come off.  It wasn’t too hard to get it off, however, her skin was red where the dark purple and black had been, so you could kind of see an outline of where the makeup had been for about two days.  Lorelei LOVED IT!  She went around telling everyone, “Can you see my flowers on my face?  It’s because I’m a fairy princess!”  Her friend had no problem at all getting the makeup off and did not have any sort of rash at all.  So, don’t worry, it was just our super sensitive skin, and it turned out fun anyway.  🙂


Deborah did a FANTASTIC JOB with their makeup.  I was so impressed!  And, she was super fast!!

Knowing that your Mom can make things happen in Photoshop can be pretty cool.  I showed Lorelei the pictures, and she liked them, but wanted more glitter!  The photo below, she asked me to add the fairy on her knee and the glitter.  Not bad, kid.  She’s getting a good eye!


These two!  They had so much fun!  Two peas in a pod!


I love the picture below, but Lorelei said, “Why was I sad?  Was it because I couldn’t find the fairy?”







Most of the time, I chose to use “light fairies,” like in this one.


But I also played around with some “real fairies” like this one.



I hope you have enjoyed these images.  I will be offering Fairy Sessions very soon.  If you’d like to get on the email list so you are one of the first to know, let me know by sending me an email at lullabiesandlacephotography@gmail.com


Have a fairy fantastic day!


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