Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions


February 10, 2021

My kiddos are trained professionals when it comes to taking pictures.  They know that, if they cooperate, we can get it done fast, and Mom will give them pretty much anything they want.  I also have a few performers in the bunch!  I love these kids!  And, we are all in love with our new baby!  I mean, come on!  Just take one look at these rolls and you just want to squeeze her and snuggle her!  I feel so lucky to get to see this smile every day!


I love Brandi Ann Boutique!  She made this absolutely amazing Blooming Bonnet for me!  I LOVE IT!  Giselle got a little tipsy with it on her head, which made for a really funny photo session.  I took him out in Photoshop, so you can’t see him now, but Dad is right there behind her for safety!  Safety first!

Logan has been making faces like this raised eyebrow look!  “You got her WHAT for Valentine’s Day?”  Chocolate is so 2020!  Get her a Gift Certificate for photos!  That’s what she really wants!

Blow me a kiss!  I love you!

We have a lot of fun!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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