Sunrise in Rocklin


October 27, 2017

“When life storms around  you, sometimes all you can do is close your eyes and wait for the sun to rise.”

A while ago, I had a pregnant mama ask where we should take her maternity pictures.  I asked, “Do you trust me?  I pass this really great field every morning in Rocklin and it is just screaming at me to photograph it, but it looks best at sunrise, and it is pretty early and a little cold.”  She said yes!  I knew it would be great, but I like to do a test run if I haven’t photographed at a location before.  So, I grabbed Christiana and took her out for some test shots.  Wouldn’t you know that the morning we picked would end up being a little foggy and overcast.  She called me that morning to see if I still wanted to do it, and I said “Let’s go for it.  The worst that can happen is you get cold.”  So, we headed out.  It was a little chilly, there might have been a few sprinkles of light rain, but oh, was it worth it!  This is not my “typical” style, but I had SO much fun editing and playing around with these images.  I hope you enjoy them!  Sunrise in Rocklin is truly beautiful!

And, if you want to see the maternity session that came after, check out this post.

You might know that I do Ballroom Dance, so it is always super fun to photograph people with dance training.  And people that are beautiful inside and out!

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