Desiree’s Maternity Photos


May 12, 2018

Just in case you missed Desiree’s first post, click here to read that first.  So, after a great, yet emotional family photo shoot Friday night, we got some sleep, then I got to take them on a little adventure Saturday morning.  First, we went to the Blowhole for some artsy grief photos, but you’ll have to check back with me next time to see those.  🙂  Then we went to this really cool beach.  To get to the actual beach, you get to walk down this absolutely gorgeous path and there are these random chickens everywhere.

I thought it would be fun for the boys to run down the path holding the balloons.  All was going well until…POP!  Pink and gold confetti went everywhere!  We spent a good chunk of time cleaning it up and had lots of people walking past tell us how great we looked, how much fun we must be having, and lots of congratulations.  We met lots of people from all over while we cleaned up.  It was actually really fun. As hard as we tried, a few pieces of pink confetti remained in the bushes.  A little bit of Aurora’s balloon got to stay there.

Up ahead, a group of people seemed to be staring at the trunk of a tree.  It wasn’t until we got closer that we realized it was a HUGE spider in this crazy spider web.  If they hadn’t pointed it out, I totally would have missed it.  Now that we knew what to look for, one of the boys kept spotting them.  He had a really good eye!  It was every couple of steps he would say, “Look, Mom, I see another spider web!  Look, Mom, another one!”  I had a serious case of the creepy crawlies!

Then we made it to a little clearing and there was a huge group of chickens.  One of the boys yells, “I’m gonna get you, chicken!”  and proceeds to chase the chickens.  The chickens seem to have this down.  They knew exactly where to go so that they boys couldn’t get them.  There was a sign on a rope that said, “Private property.  Do not cross.”  The chickens went right on the other side of the rope and seemed to taught the boys.  🙂

We made it to the beach, which was amazing.  We took some pictures, then the boys got to throw rocks into the water while I took some maternity pictures with Desiree.

The beach has bigger rocks, not really much sand.  A bigger wave came in and it was large enough to lift a bunch of rocks off the ground just a little bit, then as the wave went back out, the rocks all came crashing back down on other rocks.  It made THE COOLEST sound ever!  It was a cascade of ker-plunk noises.  Oh, it was so cool!!!!  Nature amazes me!

While the boys were chasing the chickens away, Desiree was posing and not moving or making a lot of noise, so the chickens decided to come and take some pictures with us.  🙂  Chicken photo bomb.  🙂

Desiree and I headed back down the path to get pictures with this amazing weeping willow tree.  It was just gorgeous!

Then I asked Desiree to walk into this little creek.  I just told her to go wherever.  I took a bunch of different pictures, and I thought I was done, but something held me there.

Right then, the clouds above parted, and this huge tunnel of light came through right onto Desiree and only on Desiree.  She looked up and said, “Hi baby girl.” Aurora was with us that day.

Desiree has not found out the gender of her soon to be baby.  It’s not the thought of the gender that is holding her back, it’s knowing that this baby will mark another change in their family dynamic.  It’s yet another milestone that her sweet girl is not here for.

I think people mean well, but darn it, they can say some pretty cruel and upsetting things.  My eyes have been opened.  One person told Desiree, “Oh good, your pregnant.  I hope you have a girl so it can replace the one you lost.”  Oh!  Yikes!  Having another baby in no way will ever replace her little girl.  I believe (and I know Desiree does too) that Aurora is in heaven and that she will see her again.  The fun thing to think about, is that Aurora knows this baby.  She will still be a big sister.

Check back in with me soon when I get to post about our adventure at the Blowhole and the grief photos we got to take.  Desiree is so nice about putting up with my crazy antics!  🙂



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