Lorelei’s Baptism Photos


March 15, 2019

My daughter chose to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I took her over to the Sacramento Temple do take some photos of her in her beautiful white dress.  I love this girl so much!  She is beautiful inside and out, cares deeply about others, serves others, helps me all the time, and loves her siblings.  She is joy to have in our family and I’m so glad she’s mine!

She absolutely loved all of the attention she got walking around in her pretty dress.  She had lots of people tell her they were proud of her and welcomed her officially to the church.  It was really sweet to hear her say, “Thank you,” with this pure smile.

When Lorelei was born, her Grandma Robin made her this absolutely GORGEOUS blessing dress.  There is a little saying that there are 3 main dresses in a girl’s life, her blessing dress, her baptism dress, and her wedding dress.  Though I’m not set on that, we’ve got her with her 2 dresses here.  It is crazy how much she has grown!  I still remember them handing her to me in the hospital and being filled with love for this little angel.

We all know I am a little extreme when it comes to pictures, but I just had to get an “8” balloon!  The funny thing was that we had a party to go to before pictures, so I couldn’t get it filled with helium before.  I was kind of worried, and then I thought, “Oh yeah, I can just buy the helium tank.”  So, although I felt a little silly filling this up at the Temple, it was worth it.  🙂

Here’s Lorelei looking up at Angel Moroni on top of the Temple.

This next one was all her!  She said, “Mom, I want one reading my scriptures by the fountain.”  This is one of my favorite pictures from the session.  She was actually reading in the New Testament.

Lorelei, you are wonderful!  I am excited to see what comes next in your life.

CTR stands for Choose The Right.  She picked out her ring.  She loves the flowers because they are happy.  🙂  You existing make me happy!


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