Nicole’s One Year Old Cake Smash Session


July 18, 2019

I had the privilege of photographing this little guy right after he was born, and now he is ONE YEAR OLD!  Wow!  Big man on campus!  Mom wanted a Wild One/Nature theme.  She found this really cool location in Apple Hill.  Such a gorgeous setting for his one year old cake smash session and some family pictures.  I’m a little smitten with big brother and big sister.  I got to photograph big brother’s newborn photos, too.  It is so fun working with families over time and watching them grow.

I love how he had one finger out.  He is ONE!  🙂

This family is so incredible!  Dad is always making things for school fundraisers and fixing up things around the house.  Mom is into her pink drink and being healthy.  🙂

Give brother a squeeze.

So, when it was time to do the cake smash, it became very clear that he wasn’t terribly into the cake…but he LOVES PINECONES!  It was so hard to get him to stop putting the pinecones, leaves, and sticks in his mouth.  Mom kept saying, “Try the cake.  It tastes better!” but he wasn’t having it.  Haha!  She finally put some of the frosting in his mouth, he made this face, then promptly threw up on the cake.  Haha!!  Oh goodness!  Nope!  It’s pinecones for this guy!

He also wasn’t terribly into his post cake smash tub bath. 

Like, he REALLY wasn’t into the bath.  Gotta love the real life photos!

So, since he was done, big sis and I got to play for a few minutes.  They are so incredibly adorable and so fun to work with.  Love these kids!

Happy birthday little guy!  And congratulations to Nicole and her family!


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