Neverland in Lake Tahoe


February 4, 2018


Mermaid on a Rock

I’ve had this big dream of transforming my kids into Neverland characters.  My daughter, Lorelei, always wants to be a mermaid, so we collected some mermaid tails.  Logan has wanted to be a pirate, so we collected a treasure chest and pirate costumes.  Halle is kind of a stinker, fun and fierce, so she reminds me of Tiger Lily from the movie Pan.  My dream took a while to put together, but I am so happy that I pushed and fought to make it happen.  I am in love with the experience we had!  We had SO MUCH FUN!  How could you not have fun running around a beach dressed as a pirate!  This experience happened over a long weekend, so we pretty much had 4 photoshoots.

Two Mermaids on the Beach

Day 1 was MERMAIDS.  The lovely Lea Buehler from Lea Buehler B Gorgeous met me up in Tahoe to do the hair and makeup for the girls.  I was absolutely amazed at the fantastic job she did!  I mean, seriously!  She was even able to work with my youngest daughter, Halle, who was 2 years old to create some serious magic.  It was just amazing!

Purple Mermaid

I also need to give a should out to my friend Holly!  I knew the water levels would be higher this year, but, BOY!  The water level was SO much higher then I anticipated. Luckily, Holly had her bathing suit in the car, and I just got my pants wet.  We put the kids on our shoulders to get them out to the rocks.  And, don’t worry, Holly is actually right beside them in arms distance, so we were totally safe.  I Photoshopped her out.  🙂

Behind the Scenes

Day 2 was Peter Pan, Wendy, and a few extra Pirates and Mermaids.  It was an overcast evening, and the lighting turned out to be perfect.  The kids were so excited when I told them to start having a sword fight on the beach.  “Really?” they asked.  “Yes!  Go for it!”  🙂

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Wendy Captain Hook

And here is my little Tiger Lily.

Day 3 in the morning was Fairies.  We have two cousins that live near us, so we got them up there and involved.  All of the girl cousins on my side of the family were there.  So fun!  Fairy face painting was done by Fantasy Face Painting.

Tinkerbell and Fairies

Day 3 in the evening was Pirates.  Oh boy did we have fun!  There were a few wedding couples getting photos taken at the beach, and one of them asked if we would be in their wedding photos.  Yep, we were pretty popular!  Treasure chests, compass, treasure maps, and lanterns all came out to play.  The water was cold, but the kids had so much fun splashing around on the shore.

Pirates in Neverland

We had a fabulous time!  I hope you will join us next summer with your kids.  It is an experience of a lifetime!  Click here to get signed up to be the first to hear about the details!

Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning!


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