Neverland 2018-Part 2.5


April 4, 2019

With Halle in a mood, we decided not to even get her ready for mermaid time.  Lorelei and Logan only had a few minutes to make the transformation.  By the time they got back, it was getting pretty chilly and the sun was getting low.  We literally had about 10 minutes to get these images.  They were great!  We totally got what we needed and then headed home for hot chocolate, pizza, and popcorn.  🙂

Thank you so much Lea from Lea Buehler B Gorgeous!  You did a FANTASTIC job!!

We are really into Super Heroes, and we really liked Aquaman.  Logan wanted a trident so he could be the King of the Sea.  Your wish is my command, your highness!  🙂

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