Easter Pictures


June 14, 2018

SCHOOL IS OUT!!  Yay!  I am getting caught up on life for the summer!  I am so excited.  I’ll be real with you, I sometimes have a hard time finishing up photos of my own kids.  I took on a little too much during the school year, and by the time I’m finished with client work, I’m too tired to think about my own stuff.  🙂  Luckily, my babysitters are off school for the summer, so we are working hard to get me caught up.

Here are some pictures from Easter.

My son had these dress up glasses with a mustache attached, and he thought it would be so fun to take a picture with it.  It is hilarious and my second favorite!  My first favorite has to be the one with all three of the kids.  I love how they get along (most of the time) and are super sweet with each other.  I love these three!!

I hope you are having a super summer and are either getting a lot done or having a relaxing time.  Enjoy!

If you’d like to schedule a photo session with me, please email me at lullabiesandlacephotography@gmail.com.

Happy Summer!!


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