Cassie’s One Year Old Girl


March 29, 2019

My little niece turned one!  Yay!  Sometimes I can’t tell which pictures Cassie is going to like the most.  She surprises me sometimes.  Then, other times, like this time, I know exactly which one she is going to want to blow up and put on the wall!  Perfection!  This little one year old kept posing with her hands under her chin.  It was so cute!  And big sis just nailed this!  Way to go girls!  

We had a similar picture of mom and dad kissing just big sis when she turned one, so we wanted to recreate it with both girls.

This little girl loves her swan stuffy!  Right after this, she put the bill in her mouth and chewed on it for a while, smiling the whole time.

Pat-a-cake.  Pat-a-cake.  Bakers man.

Then we got to smash a cake.  At her actual birthday, she did a great job smashing her cake, so I was excited.  She did not disappoint!

She had an Alice In Wonderland themed birthday party.  I LOVE her cute little outfit!

Congratulations on turning one!  You did it!  Happy birthday!

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