Baptism Pictures


March 8, 2021

This post is way overdue!  I had the privilege of photographing this super guy before his baptism.  Tyson loves to dance…to the tune of his own drum, not so much into doing moves choreographed by someone else.  He mom says that he has the music in his body.  He has a fun personality and is into Beyblades and Pokemon.  He was really excited to be baptized.  Mom was a little worried about being able to capture his real smile.  She had even taken a few pictures to try to practice with him before I got there.  Here is what she said:

I scheduled pictures with Jessica for my eight-year-old. Before our session I was coaching him to try and help him get a good smile. He is in that goofy, awkward stage of not being able to give a natural smile on command. I really worried about how it would go. Jessica was magical! I could not believe the shots she was getting. My son was relaxed and darling. Jessica was getting shots of his natural smile and his fun personality! This is her calling!
I will treasure these pictures and this fun stage of life she captured so well!

Mom also needed a program for the actual baptism, which I was able to help her out with as well.  This happened during Covid, so there were 10 people in attendance, but they were also able to zoom people in.  It was so great for her to be able to have the printed program, but also be able to email the digital version out to people attending virtually.  The things we do these days!  It’s crazy!

CTR stands for Choose the Right.  This guy is Super!

Congratulations, Tyson!  It was a great day and you are a great kid!


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