flowerWe wondered about leaving our home and fragile routine when baby was just 8 days old, but Jessica is amazing with newborns, and parents. I enjoyed one of the nicest moments I’ve had as a new mom, my baby quiet and peaceful with Jesica’s gentle care while my husband slept next to me. Not only was Jessica able to keep our little screamer calm and make her look lovely, but we also learned from watching her how to hold and carry her, and got a couple breastfeeding tips as well. The newborn session turned out to be a relaxing and educational experience for mom and dad, in addition to capturing some amazingly beautiful pics of our little girl.



THESE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!! Holy cow, that made my whole day, week, month, everything, haha! Gio and I are sitting here ooohing and aaahing over every single one. 🙂  Thank you so much for everything, Jessica. It will be hard to pick favorites, but I will get to work on that. I’m still dying. Ok, I’m going to go look at the pics again. For the eighth time, lol.



I can’t tell you how much my friends and family love the pictures you took. I’m just so happy that I have these gorgeous pictures of them to treasure forever. My grandmother in Texas who is 85 years old cried when she saw the pictures. She couldn’t believe how beautiful her great grand babies are! Thanks again for working so hard on them and capturing my vision 😉



Our daughter is already 10 months old! We are still loving her newborn pictures and get compliments on them whenever we have people over! Thank you!

-Jessica P.


Thank you so much for helping me arrange my photo wall.  It looks gorgeous!  I smile every time I look at it. The display makes me proud of my home and it is something I’ve wanted for a long time.  It definitely has that “wow” effect!

-Christina S.

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