Mommy & Me Sessions Coming Soon

Last year, we had so much fun at West 12 Ranch in Lodi doing Mommy & Me Sessions.  Our giveaway winner was Ruth!  Here’s what someone said about her, just in case you missed how awesome she is.


“My Mother’s day nominee is Ruth Munger. I first met this powerhouse redhead more than 12 years ago. Right away I was struck by her bright, enthusiastic, and some times- loud personality. She is in short, infectious! Though she was born with what is called “physical disabilities” she never considered herself “handicapped” in any form of the word. As a talented artist, savvy business woman, and dear friend, I find that I’m always trying to keep up with her! When Ruth became a mother to her miracle baby, Eva Ruth did what she always does in her life and committed with everything in her. She is patient, loving and willing to let things get messy for the sake of great family time. Although in love with her small family Ruth felt something was missing. I think someone with such a big heart needed more to share it with. And so She and her husband began adoption paperwork. After an extremely lengthy process, and a rollercoaster of emotions, Ruth opened her home to not one, but two beautiful three-year-old, girl twins. It was equally fitting that they came fully loaded with fiery personalities and Ruth’s same redhair to go with it. Though it seems a fairytale ending, it has in not way been easy. I watch from the sidelines as Ruth deals with many difficulties associated with children who been through what no child should. And through it all Ruth remains determined to accept, love and nurture these two energetic additions. All the while somehow making time for her husband and other high-spirited daughter, Eva. I know that at times she feels like a failure, but the way she gets up, dusts herself off, and never gives up, makes her one of my heroes! I believe she deserves a day to celebrate all that she’s accomplished, even though she’d never say so herself.” mothersday

I wasn’t able to post these pictures before because the twins weren’t officially adopted, but now I can because IT’S OFFICIAL!!  CONGRATULATIONS to Ruth and her now bigger family.  We love you are we’re so glad we got to capture some of these great moments for you.  mothersdaygirls

These beautiful flower halos were provided by Keri.  If you are looking for someone to do flowers for your event, I highly recommend her.  Contact me if you want her info.


It’s always fun to play ring around the rosie in a field of horses!

threesistersspinningMother’s Day is right around the corner.  I will be offering Mommy and Me Sessions.  Details coming soon!



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