About Me

I had been photographing for a couple of years when I got pregnant with my first child. I was told by a photography friend/mentor that newborn photography was it's own thing and I should find someone who specializes in it. In my searching, I found a photographer I loved. I was blown away by the amount of time and attention the photographer took with my little newborn. As I watched her, I fell in love with newborn photography! I decided then and there that newborn photography is what I wanted to do! I asked her to be my mentor, went to a few workshops, bought a bunch of props (I'm kind of a propaholic!), and practiced, practiced, practiced. Now, here I am, ready to photograph for you!

The best part of my first newborn experience was when I took my print to the store to get it framed. The sales person said, "You can't leave art work at the store worth over $500 unless you sign this waiver." I was a little taken aback. When I looked confused, she handed me the waiver, pointed at my print of my sweet baby, and repeated, "You can't leave that here unless you sign the waiver. It's art, and I'm guessing way over $500." I was in heaven. That's right! MY baby girl is ART! That is the type of experience I want to create for my clients.

I graduated in business with a minor in ballroom dance. I have three of the most adorable kids on the planet, and, yes, I am a proud mama! You might see a few pictures of them on my website and blog. After I get the kids to bed, my favorite "my time" treat is brownies and ice cream. I love Gilmore Girls and super hero movies. When I'm not photographing or editing, I enjoy dancing around the house with my kids, singing, and exercising.

Give me a call or send me an email, and let's book your session today! I can't wait!

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